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On this week’s show:

On this week’s show:Divergent diverges to TV, Yahoo continues their sale attempts, RIP VCR, Checkov will NOT be recast, Pokemon continues to go go GO!


Divergent Series heading for TV

Yahoo still trying to get sold… no one really cares

Japan makes it’s last ever VCR next month

Checkov won’t be recast in further Star Trek Movies

Pokemon GO, no real news… just think we should talk about it again


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  1. Fanglespangle

    The idea of Verizon looking to buy Yahoo is interesting/potentially worrying if you consider the Net Neutrality debates that have been popping up as Verizon would be in a position to potentially cut into the Google market share in a big way.

    If you’re not familiar with it (though I expect you would be) in short, Net Neutrality prevents internet providers from profiteering on consumer demand. All data is treated equally. But if they overthrow net neutrality, providers can slow specific services to consumers unless they pay a charge. For example, netflix and Youtube are very popular and quite data heavy. An ISP could say “You want these things to not buffer? Buy our Youtube licence for $10 a month”

    It works for the ISP against the big corporations like Youtube too. “Don’t want your traffic to run slow? Pay us a few million and we can make sure your connections take priority”

    Basically, it gives ISPs the power to be Mafia bosses. Given the complete lack of ISP competition in the states, they are in the position to pull it off.

    To the point though, if Verizon own Yahoo and present it as another form of google, stem google from either end BUT, have many of the same services google provides with Yahoo but also with all the efficiency that google would lack in this circumstance, it could REALLY cut into it’s market share. And that’s assuming Yahoo doesn’t try doing things like streaming TV shows and the like too cos then it could easily cut into Netflix too.

    It’s probably just hyperbole but knowing Verizon, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pull this sort of thing off.

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