About Us

Who’s askin’?

Geekism Network is a group of podcasts, YouTube channels and blogs for those of the geekish persuasion. Covering everything from Comic Books to Computer Code, if you can’t find some content here that tickles your nerd-endings, then you must be a hipster wannabe nerd anyway.. I mean really, is there any actually glass in those spectacles? Jeez!

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    High quality audio broadcasting to make you laugh, think and learn. All up in your ears, whenever and wherever you want it.

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    From in-depth looks at coding practices to people playing the 'Dr. Mario' theme on kazoos. For the most varied geek content on the web, don't touch that dial.

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    The dying art of the written word is very much alive here, or at least it's comfortable and breathing steadily. Funny, thoughtful and engaging peices await.

Not really, but we are super keen! Geekism Network began in December 2013, when it wasn’t really a network at all.¬†Deception Podcast For Magicians¬†was our first show, then Geekism as a brand was developed shortly afterwards in March 2014. Since then we’ve added multiple YouTube channels, podcasts and blogs and plan to take over the world by roughly 2028… It’ll be a tuesday, no one expects world domination on a tuesday.
‘Geekism HQ’ is in Liverpool, UK. But our presenters and contributors come from all around the world… Geek is global, man.
All of our content has and always will be free at point of use, we are kinda like the NHS …without the Norovirus. We are predominately ad-revenue supported, with additional revenue coming from donations and merchandise sales. Now, quit asking about money, you sound like my mom.